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Hola Escolta! is a street-wide celebration of downtown Manila’s sights, history, and community.
Championing the independent spirit of seasoned makers and emerging talents, it was a memorable
weekend of workshops, markets, discussions and performances - to name a few.

Aside from the general planning and organization, I was also tasked with designing the main graphic.

I wanted to capture the vibrant, dizzying energy that coursed through the streets and its people -
all coalescing into an outburst of color and life atop the First United Building (who turned 95 years old on the very same month!)

The key art was then cascaded and used throughout the event - on merchandise, posters, t-shirts, and the like.
I loved seeing everyone have fun with the characters and repurposing them in their own creative ways!

—  All work copyright Agustin Crisostomo  —